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    As I am working on a space-based map in the style of rd_asteroid, and rd_asteroid props aren't in any map pack, I went ahead and extracted these props from the latest rd_asteroid as of January 2, 2014 using bspsrc v1.3.18 (this is available on the github site but for some reason not copied to his website).

    Right now we have the outside parts look to be done, all the exterior of the blue base but none of the interior, and all of the exterior and 90% of the interior of the red base. I expect more props to be coming in future map releases.

    And without further delay...


    It's divided up into the following sections (top left to bottom right):
    * Row 1: Blue and Red bases (left half is the side areas, right half is the player parts)
    * Row 2, Column 1: Odds and ends
    * Row 2, Column 2: Lights
    * Row 2, Column 3: Struts and railings
    * Row 3, Column 1: Rocks, crystals, etc
    * Row 3, Column 2: Computers, small radar, etc
    * Row 3, Column 3: Portals, ramps, fans, and related
    * Row 4, Column 1: Pipes
    * Row 4, Column 2: Big radar dishes

    Several of the props have alternate skins. Those I noted were:
    1. Large pipe that covers half the “pipes” section
    2. Squiggly vertical pipe in the “pipes” section
    3. Small radar dish in the “computers” section
    4. The glowing alcove in the “odds and ends” section
    5. Robot in the “portals” section

    The rest of the props didn’t appear to use alternate skins, at least not yet. Also, only one of the robots was in the map as a prop, so I only included it.

    I hope I did't miss any!

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    Just to let you know, all the asteroid props are in hammer. You can find them in the props_moonbase section of the prop browser.
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    True, but the browser doesn't show most of those props well, either you can't tell the size or you can't see them because the skin is too dark. A number of the moon props are designed dark, so black background in the prop browser makes it hard to see them at all.

    I updated the VMF to include a lot more props from moon.