Model Props for an African theme

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by SPHinx, Sep 28, 2010.

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    A couple of folks at and I are working on an African theme to apply to a few maps. So I'd like to throw out a request for any of you skilled modelers out there:

    -Baobab tree
    -Acacia tree
    -Cardboard cutout (like the 2fort cow) for any of the big 5 game
    -Perhaps a wall-mounted head for any of the aforementioned game animals
    -Traditional African weaponry
    -A safari jeep
    -Anything else that strikes you, the skilled modeler, as cool and appropriate to a TF2 African theme.

    Here's the link to the forum thread at playstuff. Angrypotato made up some great art style images for the theme that might be inspiring. Or if you'd like to comment/discuss the theme with us there, you can sign up and share your thoughts.

    Cheers and thanks for giving this a look.
  2. jarate > karate

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    I want a safari jeep :D

    I don't have the slightest idea why, but I really like how vehicles look in the TF2 universe.
  3. Rizz

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    I may take on the first tree. Texturing it to look like it fits in TF2 will be fun. :)
    I may just model it, set up the uvw map with ambient occlusion and let another person take over the texturing part.

    The shield looks like something that could be pulled off in an hour or two easily. Texturing using a normal map could cover the ridges and semi-protruding designs on the shields.

    I've never modeled leaves before really; however, it seems like the leaves would simply be a "plane" with a diffuse map, as well as an opacity map.

    Question to OP
    Do you want just one variation of the tree, or several? How many places will this tree be present in your map?

    Question to TF2 Modelers
    I have one question for any modelers who model for TF2. Does TF2 like stuff made in Mudbox/Zbrush? High-detail models? The tree could have some bumps and stuff applied to it acting like skin bark or something.