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Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.
Dec 28, 2008

Gametype: 3 Stage Payload
Players: 2-24 (32 max)
Authors: Frazer "Midget" Grant
Contributors: Tom "zpqrei" Pritchard
Helper: Charles "The Political Gamer" Papanek
Custom Content:
  • Blob
  • Psy
  • Icarus
  • Supersandvich
  • PC Madness
  • Muffin
  • Stickzer0
  • Boylee
  • for Impromptus/Gamedays
  • for Blueprints :)
E-mail: [url="]Here[/url]
Version: Alpha 9
Download: Dropbox - BSP
Pictures: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
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Mar 23, 2010
i too love the detailing in the 2nd pic. im not yet sold on the layout tho (from those pics).
still looks very good.


Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.
Dec 28, 2008

Bermuda Cake

L9: Fashionable Member
Feb 20, 2009
Right, I gave it a run through. Looks good fun! Nothing game breaking as far I see it.

Visual picky bits:

^Displacement seeping through a prop.

^Floating cart.

^Gap in wall.

Player clipping:

^Getting stuck in this hole was a slight annoyance at the end of the round.

^This might get a bit annoying (I was stuck), might wanna clip it off. It'd only be a rare occurrence from FaNs / airblasts though.

^Maybe some angular playerclips here? Although the ability to catch enemies on them with airblast might be useful to pyros.

^I don't think these stairs were playerclipped.


^With such a good vantage point as well as a full metal pack, this sentry spot might be a bit overpowered.

^Also, this area felt a bit barren. Maybe needs some more rocks and bumpier ground to make it a viable route to spam at the enemy a bit for blue.

^This looks like it might get spammed a bit if it's the only route. Guess we'll find out on gameday


^Can see all the way to spawn, might wanna extend that rock a teeny bit to the right.

^If that's red's only spawn exit, something will have to be done.

Keep at it, midge.


Clinically Diagnosed with Small Mapper's Syndrome
May 21, 2009
3 Stage Payload


I am inherently skeptical. The amount of fun I have on maps scales inversley with the number of stages.
Apr 19, 2009
Clip this 2010-05-25 16-22-05-69.jpg

Put a control point here 2010-05-25 16-22-18-75.jpg

redo the spawn 2010-05-25 16-23-05-98.jpg

flouting brush 2010-05-25 16-26-37-05.jpg

add a door here... 2010-05-25 16-30-58-11.jpg

that drops you off here on the ramp 2010-05-25 16-31-03-77.jpg

useless space 2010-05-25 16-33-00-98.jpg 2010-05-25 16-33-04-42.jpg

massive sight-line 2010-05-25 16-33-36-94.jpg

dark 2010-05-25 16-34-18-82.jpg

spamfest: add alt path! 2010-05-25 16-34-55-76.jpg 2010-05-25 16-35-42-77.jpg

get rid of the one way door or make it BLU only 2010-05-25 16-37-28-72.jpg

more useless space 2010-05-25 16-38-42-06.jpg

really open 2010-05-25 16-39-54-11.jpg

people can get stuck here 2010-05-25 16-41-05-43.jpg
Mar 23, 2010
some parts were like goldrush, take it how you want. wasnt a single scout usually

Bermuda Cake

L9: Fashionable Member
Feb 20, 2009
something something screenshots

yeah teamwork
high five

oh and:

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Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.
Dec 28, 2008
Thank you *very* much TPG and Bermuda. I will work tomorrow on fixing up stage 1 and two, specifically the two main spamfests and adding control points/moving them forward a bit.

I noticed you didn't post anything about stage 3, was it pretty much fine then? I thought it was maybe too easy for blu but I dunno...

EDIT: Quick notes on what I'm going to do for the next alpha

  • Re-do stage 1 Blu spawn area
  • Add a second point to stage one (maybe move the first one forward? would that be an option?)
  • Add doorways and make useless spaces not as useless
  • Fix clipping and sightline issues
  • Open up the major spamfest in stage 2 by adding an alternate route
  • Change the red-only door in stage 2 to a blu-only door
  • Generally make stage 1 a little easier

I did feel however that what I had was a good general start, I think 3 stages is better for me since it lets me work in 3 defined rounds, which are smaller and easier to manage.
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Bermuda Cake

L9: Fashionable Member
Feb 20, 2009
Sounds like a plan. Reminds me though, I think stage 2's final cap (I think it's stage 2: the one with the sightline to red's spawn?) seemed a tad boring to me. It looked like it could use some height variation.


Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.
Dec 28, 2008
Alpha 2 Released - 26th May 2010 - 17:23 GMT
Stage 1
  • Added Ramp to left side of red spawn
  • Fixed some minor clipping issues
  • Clipped the Turbines
  • Added a doorway from a useless building to the building near the end
  • Added more health and ammo (previously I only could find 1 small hp and 1 small ammo)
  • Moved windows outside of blu's spawn down
  • Moved the point forward (I had trouble entity wise with adding a second point)
  • Major changes to the Blu Spawn area.
  • Added func_respawnroomvisualizers to where the setup gates are
  • Added a playerclip over where the cart drops into
Stage 2
  • Added a second route for blu before where the tunnel was
  • Removed the tunnel, added cover in its place to open the area up and stop as much spam
  • Added a wall in the blu setup area to stop a sniperline seeing into the spawn doors
  • Removed the 1 way door so both teams can utalise the pathway
  • Removed the hut with full hp and ammo next to the spawn
  • Fixed some clipping errors
  • Moved the red spawn to the other side and rotated 180 degrees
  • Added func_respawnroomvisualizers to the setup gates
  • Added a playerclip over where the cart drops down into.
Stage 3
  • No changes so far, need more testing
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Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.
Dec 28, 2008
My thoughts on the impromptu:

  • Need to do something to make the end of stage 2 more.. more... I can't think of the word, give it more "oomf"? Something like that
  • Stage 1 Still is too easily defended, maybe need to reduce red's flanking abilities and tweak the general area of that corner.
  • Stage 2 needs more work overall, whereas stage 1 needs the tweak to help aid blue in their attacking.

So, with that in mind I think these changes would be necessary as a start.

Just to add some more life to the point area here.

Block off this door

That would mean red have little to no acces to this flanking route, here apart from if they come to the blue side of it and run back.

This also makes that building a one way "drop down" style ledge for blu to attack, so blu have 3 defined attack routes, but red generally would have to push through the middle.

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L8: Fancy Shmancy Member
Jun 12, 2009
Well "apparently" I was over-powered as Sniper, so more cover sould be nice. :)


The Imp Queen
Apr 9, 2008
For Stage 1 look at Goldrush. The first cap is right before a chokepoint which serves as RED's only means of entering the first area aside from the upper route via soldier/demo. Your map on the other hand, allows RED to move between every single area with ease and to flank the attacking team forcing BLU to be spread out all over the map having their own 1 v 1 battles instead of focusing on the objective.