Prop library in progress... categories?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by A Boojum Snark, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I hate the model browser. So I finally got around to building a library of all (minus a few) of the TF2 props. I've finished laying out the props by directory, and now I'm going to group them into categories by usage so you can turn on a visgroup, fly over, and view all at your disposal.

    Here is where I could use some help... toss me ideas for what you think would be useful categories of props, what I have currently is:

    • gameplay [signs, payloads, resupply, etc]
    • pipes
    • railings
    • doors and door frames
    • metal sheets
    • prefab structure framing [rafter/stud clusters)
    • prefab building pieces
    • 3dskybox [1/16 scale]
    • huge stuff [rockets, silos, blast furnace]
    • spytech [whatever I deem spytechy :p]
    • nature [rock, plants]
    • fences
    • light fixtures
    • cranes [curiously there are enough to group them]

    Then there are all the rest of the various detailing props... I'm not entire sure how I should group them... wall details/floor details? small details/large details? "red(mining/wood)"/"blue"(industry/concrete)?
    I haven't decided yet if I want to duplicate props into more then one category, or try to keep everything existing only once. I might be able to fudge both, by having major categories (visgrouping by physical location) and minor categories (visgrouping across locations).

    The more ideas I get the better, so pile them on!
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    I say keep it simple, don't put props into multiple categories. The groups you listed seem to cover all the bases. As for the other stuff, I think items like tires, concrete blocks, etc. can go into 'details' or just 'miscellaneous junk'.
  3. A Boojum Snark

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    The problem with that is, while it doesn't look like it (the huge props take up most of the screen space in that shot), all that "miscellaneous junk" is actually well over half the props, which would leave them decidedly unsorted.
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    How about sorting the miscellaneous junk by size? Tire stacks, oil drums and crates would be one category, tiny rocks and shovels would be another. If you know roughly what you're looking for (you wouldn't be looking for giant water towers if you just want to throw some junk under a staircase), that should be relatively easy to navigate.