Project B-Day, [Oh, you wish it Meant BirthDay] (Mini Discussion)

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    OK, so Idk if I'm posting this in the right discussion, but for what I'm posting here is more of a needing help Questions I have for the Frontline Project then anything else.

    Well for starters, (even though I really have Fack all to show for it,) I had a bit of an idea of a Cart pushing map for the update, and-- Well, being a more of a Newbie to really everything Here, *Cough, My Recent, meltdown,Cough*, I've decided, "Why Not take a Large frivolous task in making a large map with several event's to happen with having as much information on how to use the hammer program, like a Cod kid coming to tf2 competitive for the first time under the false impression that, all games are like cod, and he should make it to the top in no time, (Long story short, progress has been slow, but at least not buggy...)

    With that said, here's a bit what I've been doing so far:

    bandicam 2016-07-29 22-42-30-931.jpg bandicam 2016-07-29 22-53-30-068.jpg bandicam 2016-07-29 22-54-22-450.jpg bandicam 2016-07-29 22-54-29-477.jpg bandicam 2016-07-29 22-54-15-667.jpg bandicam 2016-07-29 22-53-52-851.jpg

    I know it's beautiful isn't it? I've made all of Barely any progress, and most of my day's work has been spent setting up the buildings for the red side, based mostly off this image I found on D-day google image search:*


    *Particularly based on the building in the top right with pretty much this as my recreation so far, where most of my time was spent.*

    bandicam 2016-07-29 22-42-30-931.jpg

    Static engie there for scale :3.

    Anyway the point of this post is to ask what you guys think so far on the building design, choice, any texturing I need to fix, what design type you'd suggest to work off of, because I only have that one image of the D-day harbor, and don't know exactly how to design the front properly for a french 1940's styled building.

    I was also planing to have the red base purposely positioned above the blue, in that sort of hilltop at the back there, to purposely put a bit of a "Shooting Uphill" battle advantage. I was trying to make it a sort of cart pushing map through trenches, and with only so little I know of in using tools, I unfortunately so far, can't really escape the N64, to pre-3D doom Wolfenstien, landscape shaping so far...

    I'm also trying to figure to place a spawn room essentially for the blues, in that Boat thing that the American's shipped into the shore with on D-day. (Yeah I don't really study history all that much,) And I really want to make it so that there's an animation for the Boats to drop down their hatch when the round starts, but also don't want to make it too much just an instant spawn-camping site so-- Yeah there's a LOT of things for me to figure out.

    But even as a Noob to all this Shebang, I can only hope I at least make it look good?

    (Idk why I try to do Overly Ambitious projects with F*ck all knowledge, but hey it's fun so. Hopefully I can get this on the Roster, when it's more shaped better.)