Problems with Hammer when running Windows with Bootcamp

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    Hello people of TF2,

    I am not sure if this sort of question is supposed to be posted on TF2m, but here goes:

    I have a mac computer, and I have been trying to get into mapmaking. However, valve Hammer is a pc only application, so I partitioned my disk and and installed Windows with Bootcamp.

    Windows seems to working perfectly, but the reason I installed it in the first place, Hammer, is not working! When I try to launch it, it launches with the message "failed to initialize texture system". If I ignore that message press Ctrl-N, it pops up a bunch of windows, and eventually tells me that I am missing the wireframe texture.

    Online I looked for some fixes, and it seems that the problem is TF2. TF2 can't launch either. When I try to launch TF2, it says "preparing to launch TF2" in a window, and then it momentarily launches before immediately quitting.

    I have reinstalled TF2 3 times, twice before doing a bunch of update, and then once after I updated.

    I am using Windows 7.

    Does anybody have a fix? It would be much appreciated!
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    Hi, Drewpew.

    I don't think this has anything to do with Bootcamp. Windows is essentially running on an ordinary PC, here. I recommend contacting Steam Support. Do not tell them you are running it in Windows on a Mac, though. They will probably get confused.

    I use Windows 8.1 natively via Bootcamp on a Mac.

    EDIT: Ordinarily I would recommend you verify the game's cache in Steam. But if you have reinstalled it three times that seems a bit pointless.
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