Problems with env_laser and how can I make a prop cannon?

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    Hi, first off I have encountered a bug with my env_lasers, if I run someone into them, say though the center, the laser will disappear up to that point and I cant figure out why or reset it to it's full reach in-game.

    I am also trying to figure out how to make a cannon of sorts, that either fires props, or exploding balls, and I cannot for the life of me find any tutorials on this. Thanks.
    And on the cannon note, how would I go about firing rockets out of one? Thanks.
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    Try using an env_beam instead.
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    This may or not help - In Half-Life on the level where you pick up the tua cannon / gluan gun (people call it different things) they have that type of laser sequence - push bos in front of bean it stops going to wall - remove box it contiues to wall. Of course you's have to find the level decompile it and then see if you can import the setup into TF2 and have it work in TF2.
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    For the cannon, all you need as a trigger_push brush. I don't have access to hammer right now, but play around with it's flags tab and you should get it to push prop_dynamics around