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Problems with areaportals

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by S.W.A.T.Y, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. S.W.A.T.Y

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    Im trying to optimize my map and im using func_areaportals and every time I compile my map it says
    "Brush <brush number>: areaportal brush doesn't touch two areas

    And im placing them that all the sides touch the walls but i dont understand why it says that.
  2. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    That's what it means by two areas. Even if your areaportal is touching the walls, if it is possible to travel from one side of the areaportal to the other without passing through a different areaportal, it leaks. So basically you need to find good places to put more of them in.
  3. HojoTheGreat

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    First off, make sure you use the Interlopers Compile Error Checker whenever you are unsure of errors. Just copy and paste your compile log and press Check Log.
    Here's a tip:
    -Compile your map with Normal BSP, No VIS, No RAD (make sure Do not run game after compile IS selected, you don't want TF2 to launch).
    -Select the Map menu > Load Pointfile > Yes
    -Hold Control and Zoom out all the way (this zooms out evenly in all 2D views
    -Look for red lines. These represent leaks.
    -Using the 3D view follow them to see where your leaking through brushwork
    -Make sure in your Visgroups you have func_details and props turned off because they have no effect on leaks, and it will be easier to see the lines this way

    Good luck, let me know if you have any problems!
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