[Prefab] Pyro Flame Detector

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Mar 2, 2018
An antithesis to the broken func_breakable and all the entities that inherit its class that cannot detect pyro flame damage, this prefab allows you to fire outputs when a pyro uses their flamethrower.
If you wish to disable collisions simply add a logic_auto with a OnMapSpawn <whateveryounameit>:AddOutput:solid 0 on the tf_generic_bomb entity.
Set up the outputs with the OnDetonate output of the generic_bomb entity.
The model that the generic bomb uses isn't probably that important either but I'm pretty sure the bomb's hit detection uses its bounding box \ physics mesh so it's probably important to note.
That's pretty much it, very simply prefab but I haven't seen anyone post anything about the fire detection problem of func_breakable and the likes of it yet so here it is in case you want to let players light stuff on fire in your map.


  • fire_detector_prefab.vmf
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