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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by marsbar20, Jul 30, 2012.

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    My entry for star's KotH contest.

    (Going to add download tomorrow)
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    So it is tiny map with two long hallways leading to tiny room with point on it?
    No offence, but it looks pretty terrible map gameplay wise, soldiers and other heavy classes are going dominate weaker classes and snipers are going to make those hallways pain to use. Not to mention with little to none height difference, it is going to be very boring to play on.
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    I agree with the two users here, it needs more areas, twists, turns, more complexity really. Hallways like this lean greatly in the favour of soldiers and snipers. it looks very small and cramped, even for a 6v6. I think its best to quickly scrap up a new layout on paper or Photoshop, use a ruler or the line tool for sightlines and measurements. Play more with the height because at the current moment the ramps aren't making much of a difference to the game.

    Look at how Nucleus plays with the height; its perhaps the smallest official KOTH map and yet not only is the height difference (aside from the depth of the pit) quite large but despite being a circular map only the east and west balconies are the highest points (the exception is self hurting jumpers going somewhat beyond that, but they can't get health unless they're using the black box (thus limiting their time there unless the other team is particularly ignorant or bad). Its not the best example of a KOTH map, but its got a very interesting map to play on despite it's issues.

    Other issues are the clear lack of cover, the fun a Demoman would have spawnkilling the other team, what looks like meagre amounts of health with no real thought for placement (like, why is it placed there? Currently it just looks like a pit stop to keep the player going till he reaches the respawn room for full health) and a general lack of 'flow'.

    I would suggest that you don't rush to decorate the map until you're sure that you have a good layout, else it will seem more like a pain if users suggest you revise anything. Unfortunately I think a full revision is necessary, but layout is the most important part of a good map and the part that you can't skimp time on. More research on the maps in game: what makes them feel more like a believable TF2 environment.

    My apologies if this is TL;DR, but I feel this kind of criticism is somewhat rare, even if it is blunt. I'm not a fan of sarcastic feedback so I feel I have to justify my points beyond just mocking.
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