Possible to fake a health pack?

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    So I had a weird idea, and is that on new round or when a team captures a point, some health packs will randomly transform into a prop_static with that health pack model spinning and a trigger_hurt around it.

    But its possible to make a heath pack entity be enabled/disabled randomly on new round, with the triggers, props and stuff?

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    This is actually a pretty cool idea for a joke map, or in combination with tf_logic_on_holiday for regular maps.
    Stolen, thanks :rolleyes:

    Also prop_static can't have animations, use prop_dynamic!
    In this example we'll be using small healthkits only, when our point is capped, a random kit is picked.
    What you'll need:
    - item_healthkit_small (Name: healthkit_real_*)
    - prop_dynamic (Name: healthkit_fake_*)
    - trigger_hurt (Name: healthkit_hurt_*)
    - logic_case (healthkit_case)

    OnCapped -> healthkit_case -> PickRandom

    OnCase01 -> healthkit_real_1 -> Disable
    OnCase01 -> healthkit_fake_1 -> Enable
    OnCase01 -> healthkit_hurt_1 -> Enable

    Do the same for every other kits, by using the different cases (OnCase02,03, etc.)
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    Planning your April Fool's map, eh Darren?
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