Portal 2 custom coop map

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    It's called btmap_rc1 because I have no idea how to name things well.

    Download here or here (2nd link may explode. I have no idea)

    A single coop test chamber that requires at minimum 15(?) portals to complete. A coop partner who has completed both the single player and the coop initiative is recommended. When completed, the map sends you back to the Hub. (Or, it should)

    Test chamber includes: aerial faith plate, button (untimed), redirection cube, hard light bridge, discouragement beam, and emancipation grids.

    Installation instructions (Read carefully! Step 5 is for coop maps!)

    EDIT: You should time yourself and tell me how it was/how long it took in my inbox

    EDIT2: Screenshots below because I realized this forum allows screenshots:

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