Pop in bugs post rendering?

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    So a few weeks ago I started encountering this bug on my maps that could not be fixed no matter what I tried. Previously none of these things were affecting my maps so it is very recent. What happens is that going in and out of certain areas causes random objects including the floor and props to vanish and only reappear when you get close to them. This has affected every map I have made and is driving me insane. To demonstrate what is happening I got a clean version of pass_warehouse and rendered it as I usually do. No over issues were affecting the game. Oh and if anyone mentions, YES I did try removing and adding area portals to see if it would help. It didn't.
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyrleSIfkjU
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    this feels like draw distance acting up, but also looks like your leafs are not rendering properly, its probably fixable by checking your cache, as you should always do it once of month for efficacy sake. besides that, I draw a blank on what this is, its familiar to say the least.

    also welcome to tf2maps.net, I am probably not the best guide there is, but I will always try to help. do not be afraid to ask for help or opinion, as everyone has ideas on how to fix and balance any issue you may find. enjoy your stay
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    Check if PVS is messed up. Freeze it, disable it, and of course check that vvis runs correctly.