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    I'm finally back, messing with another game mode, this time ctf and boy have I mucked around with it.

    Pond Scum
    An abandoned swamp outpost is an excellent place for an ammunition rendezvous - nemeses who keep stealing each others mail

    I know, I know, another newbie with big ideas. If you want to know my reasoning here's what I've changed and why. Please tell me what you think!

    • Speed penalty on carrier
      Unless there's a sentry sitting on top of it, it's very hard to stop an enemy from running past you and grabbing the flag
    • Carrier is Stun state
      This changes the solo attitude to one of an escort mission. Combined with how easy it is to die like this a successful capture requires teamwork
    • Speed increased by 20% for every capture
      Most other gamemodes have a positive feedback loop to stop stalemates. Can't seem to get this to work at the moment

    • Flag return time starts 40sec reduces by 2sec every time it's dropped
      A minute is far too long. killing the carrier is rewarded this way and also keeps the difficulty of defending stable when further away from the spawn
    • 10sec of healing when their flag is returned
      Rewards a good defence which then turns into an offence.
    • +10 to healing for every drop before return
      Little bit shakey, If the intel has been dropped 15 times that's 15 failed defences but also 15 failed offences. Testing will tell
    • Easier to get in hard to get out
      The idea to make a capture to be made by multiple people, sure it's a death funnel but there's more of a sense of progression as the flag inches further with every sacrifice. The spawn has 3 easy ways in but 2 easy ways out
    • 3,2,1
      All areas have 2 1/2 entrances but differing number of areas
      1. Arena - neutral area like a 5CP Mid
      2. Battlements - 3 areas with defenders advantage, whether skirting the arena or actually further on
      3. Attackers forward base - So a push isn't immediately neutralized
      4. Flag - players must pass their own flag before moving to capture, defence (if needs be) => attack
      5. Spawn - advantage to defenders to stop spawn camping

    All of this will probably be tweaked when tested.
    Let me know what you think, I hope its kind :(
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    ha I used to play with a player in CS called pondscum - there was a map made with his face as the top skybox texture looking down into the box you were in it was pretty nasty - thanks for the memories.

    What's the blue thing in th water?
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    I wouldn't recommend the colored dev textures, stick to team colored or just grey dev. Colored just adds a lot of confusion in terms of teams, if they're anything but red and blue.
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    Kill_the_bug - Haha no problem C: The blue thing is the flag, it's in a sunken boat
    Yacan1 - I guess I have a habit of doing dev decorations, I'll admit its hard to tell the difference in the main arena when I look at it. I'll shimmy the colours about a bit