Polymer Clay Engineer 2017-08-06

Engie made out of modeling clay

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    Polymer Clay Engineer - Engie made out of modeling clay


    (Photos of the process in the download link.)

    Jam submission 1/3.

    I endeavoured to make a polymer clay TF2 merc, despite having zero experience with clay, sculpting, or, you know, any kind of art. (Unless playing with playdough when you were a kid counts, but even then I mostly made snakes.) So it's far from perfect or professional, but I figure it's decent for a first crack. I learned a lot (A LOT) about clay in the process, especially the things you shouldn't do, because I did all of those things.

    I took this picture before I put him in the oven to bake/harden, which was a good thing, because in the oven he fell over an broke into four pieces. :( Note to self: buy crazy glue on Monday.
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