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    Hello all. I've been hard at work on my PLR level for the contest. Lately I've been setting up all of the gameplay entities required for the level. (Setup Gates, cart pathing ect.) I initially used A Boojum Snark's entity library to figure out how the PLR game mode works. After I felt like I got to grips with it and lots of experimentation I started work on my level.

    Currently only one of the payload watchers is visible during a in-game testing. For a while the Red one refused to work and the blue one worked mostly fine. Now only Red works, and Blu doesn't display.

    Both carts function correctly and they both make it to and cap the control point set on the map. However only one continues to display. Everything is named properly and each watcher is identical except for the appropriate changes of "red" to "blu" for the specific properties.

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for what is causing this problem? It has been rather frustrating over the past few hours trying to diagnose the problem.
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    I had this problem the other day.

    The way I fixed it was for the team that had the broken hud:
    1 Changed start0, end, start1, start2 etc as applicable to have an underscore after them e.g. start0_
    2 renamed the capture point cp_red_B_ similarly
    3 copy pasted the corresponding track paths and cp in from ABS game type library
    4 Just tested this to see if the hud was actually fixed
    5 replaced the _ entities with the working ones that were copied in
    6 (Optional) Add any extra outputs you may have had on those entities e.g. I was using enable the plr_timer to enable setup time for round C

    Not sure what was causing it, but it is fixed now
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