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Apr 14, 2013
Well, I got a ton of maps that never saw the light of day on my hard-drive. These maps deserve better owners that would care more about them.

Then, there's you! Yes, I mean you specificaly, not in plural form. Always wanted a side project? Wish to rebuild something from the digital ashes of other people .vmfs? Can't wait to claim my leftover experimental stuff to see what's worth scavanging? Well, you're in luck- Because I'm about to release the largest collection of 2nd-hand .vmf's this site has ever known!

Feel free to edit, modify, chop, delete or re-make anything here which is stated as [OPEN], just remember to credit me :) Also, please keep in mind I am the original owner of these files, so I may use parts of them, such as details, as well (although I most likely wouldn't, which is why they're orphaned).
Also, please notify me and other potential adopters, if you decide to take one of the maps, or if you stopped working on a certain map, so another mapper may take it from where you stopped.

You may not decompile any of my bsp files. If you want a previous version of something- contact me.

We'll go by the date modified order.

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
ctf_swamp|alpha, untested|open|-| My first ever map. I never posted it anywhere, because it is pretty messy, and built really untidy. However, the actual layout had some interesting things to it, so you might want to take a look at that. Also, fully detailed. Probably requires a lot of stuff, (including the construction pack) but I am not sure what|

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
cp_grain|alpha 13 or something|invite| link |This is my REAL first map. Originated in the 2013 summer 72h (and 5 minutes) contest, This slightly underscaled 3 stage 2cp map is actually pretty decent. Some of it's most whacky parts, like the original 3rd stage half-life style elevator, were later scraped, but if you wish to revive this map, I can supply you with a .vmf of any of this map's dozens of versions. This map is invite only because it is one of the only maps in here which I still hold a sentimental value towards. Take this one only if you're really dedicated to finishing it. Construction pack required.| contact me in person if you want it
now developed by @RataDeOrdenador


(2nd screenshot is from an outdated version- the half life elevator!)

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
cp_snowbridge|pre-alpha|open|-|This one is a good joke... It's actually a ctf map... I don't remember making it, but it actually looks cool (pun intended). It's a ctf map, featuring battlements, respawn room which is actually not in the way to the intel, and a really nice intel room. The intel is capped by jumping into the pit behind your team's intel, burning the enemy secret files. This one might even be slightly decent! (missing red side)|

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
plr_takabuschik_72|alpha|open|IDK if it even had one|A plr map from the winter "prep up" contest. The beginning was really nice, with both teams spawning next to each other on the same building, leading to some hilarious reactions. The rest of the map requires a total redesign. also, the .vmf does have clipping, it was disabled however during the final complie. Construction and Bulletcrops pack required.|

(check out the carts' starting position!)

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
vot_canon|experimental|open|-|A fully functional canon, not actually a map. Feel free to try and use it in your project.|
No need for a screenshot. It's a functional dev textured canon, that's it.

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
cp_rottenburger|pre-alpha|open| link |Another pretty nice looking yet unfinished map. The medieval theme was executed real nice IMO. The map was meant to have 3 points (3cp attack/defence like mountainlab) but it was missing the last one. The 1st cp is looking good, and the detail is nice as well. Feel free to take details out and paste them in your map, just remember to credit me. This skybox , as well as the vehicle pack, is required.|

(yes, the gargoyle is peeing into the pool.)

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
pl_technetium|alpha, tested|open| link |This is a pl map which had some gameplay issues, a nice last and 2nd point (in the current version). It was a fully functional map with tested gameplay! Then the last tested version's .vmf got corrupted. But don't worry! I supply you with a decompiled version with some new and improved gameplay stuff. It is missing the 1st cp and BLU respawn. Please consider taking this one, it deserves it! And it's pretty nice!|

Map Name|Current State|Open/Invite|Thread link|Notes|Download
sd_gremlin|alpha???|open| link |This one is sort of nice, sort of horriffying. It was submitted to the 2015 summer 72h contest, sadly I compiled it without some really important stuff, resulting in serious problems (fullbright? leak? I don't remember, but it deserves it's name anyways, being my most unreliable map to date). You may have it, but I'm keeping the name.|

There are a bunch of other .vmfs, namely cp_stained and pl_quickride, (and a few other ones) which I already know I would never open again, but it would take me a bit more time to stop caring about them as well, so in the meantime, that's it.
Here you go! A s***-ton of maps for you to look into!

I really hope someone takes pl_technetium, cp_grain or cp_rottenburger. The only reason I don't work on them is that I have limited time, so if you want to take them, please do so! they deserve it!

Oh yeah, and last but certainly not least there's this thing, Which also has a version of it in Blender. You may have it, but I warn you- I don't know Blender. At all.
Model Name|Current State|Open/Invite
pl-drill|ready for uv unwrapping, as far as someone who doesn't know blender can|invite- contact me if you know modelling, and if you'll be able to finish it I'll love you forever!

Note: this is not actually the largest collection of .vmf's. Not yet.


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Oct 12, 2015
Fu. I wanted pl_technetium too... I think everyone wanted pl_technetium.

Oh well... If that map's already taken,I could go with cp_grain,I suppose. ;$


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Dec 30, 2015
You could continue working on cp_rottenburger for the Ye Olde Workshoppe.


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Jul 12, 2016
I'm pretty interested in cp- err, I mean ctf_snowbridge :) I'd like to start adding to it if dat's okay.