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    I haven't found proper documentation for these, so I've really just been testing by myself. These are the AddOuputs I've found Along with some other values that can be used on players without AddOutput.
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    Output Target Input Parameter What it does
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput targetname [string] Changes player name to be used with filter_activator_name
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput SetDamageFilter [damage filter name] Changes what source can damage player.
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput origin [X, Y, Z] Teleport Player to coordinates
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput basevelocity [X, Y, Z] Shoots player in desired direction. Acts like trigger_impulse
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput gravity [? - ?] Acts like trigger_gravity. negative values only work once player is in air. 0 does nothing.
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput health [integer] Sets health to a certain value. Over max health will result in overheal
    OnSomething !activator SetHealth [integer] Does same thing as above.
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput renderColor [R, G, B] Adds tint to player.
    OnSomething !activator Color [R, G, B] Does same thing as above.
    OnSomething !activator SetTeam [0/1/2/3] Changes player's team. 1=spectate 2=red 3=blue 0=none. Acts like team glitch, can only join team through console
    OnSomething !activator AddOutput rendermode [integer] Changes rendermode. Not too well versed in the affects.
    OnSomething !activator Alpha 0 Values other than 1 make player invisible. Only works if rendermode is set to 1
    OnSomething !activator SetModelScale [? - ?] Changes player model. negative values may crash TF2

    *changing player color or alpha will not affect cosmetics or weapons. Not sure how to reverse this effect in hammer. Setting alpha to 1 doesn't do anything.

    A basic reason to use many of these over triggers, is that these can also be used with buttons. Allowing you to affect players no matter where they are positioned.

    I'd like to make a tutorial on the practical application of a lot of these, but there may be more that I don't know about yet. If you know of any others, let me know.
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    You can find all of the AddOutput values by looking through this list and matching up the netprops under CBasePlayer with their hammer keyvalue equivalents (that's the part which has no solid how-to that i know of)

    here's a quick one as well: AddOutput max_health [integer] should set the player max health.
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    Will give that list a read through, but as for the max health thing, it doesn't work. I've tried it multiple times in the past two years, but only sethealth and health work. All those listed have been tested by me today and are working fine.

    Before you ask, addhealth does nothing either.