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    So I'm working on an arena map where once the cp becomes active, the point will be lowered via rope from a crane.
    The things that I need help with are:
    A. Getting the rope attached to the four corners of the platform.
    B. Making the rope lower at a steady pace

    I haven't actually messed much with it in-game. The reason why I'm posting here, is because I can't find any decent tutorials on this sort of thing.

    Here's a picture for reference (I've only done one half of the ropes so far, and I'm hiding the triggers.)
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    I haven't done thins kind of thing before, but I think you need to parent it all to a func_tracktrain and make the train activate with a trigger_once.
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    Paging Fr0z3nR, pretty sure he had to do something similar for his arena map.
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    Make the platform a func_movelinear or a func_tracktrain. Then there's a workaround for getting the ropes to move that @StickZer0 wrote up and made a prefab for:

    you have to actually use an @ infront of their name for them to get a notification! @Lain
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    Just a heads-up, something in addition to that guide. On the next round, the ropes will still be in the position they were when the last round finished. So if the platform was lowered, the ropes will be, too. Ropes are one of the only entities that do not reset on a TF2 round change. To combat this you should have your platform move at the beginning of the round, so that the position of the rope entities is updated. This could be as simple as opening and then closing/starting and then stopping it again very briefly.
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