pl_worm_wood a2 (invite)

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    This map was originally going to be a cp/pl hybrid map themed and based on Hollywood from Overwatch. I would like to work on this as a side project to other maps and schools so if anyone wants to do more consistant developing, then message me and we can work somethings out. I would like to share credit as the creator of the map and the idea with the new author (I will still work on it, but like I said, not often).
    I would like the new author to have a decent bit of experience with hammer (especially pl maps). I'm not looking for like Crash to take over, just someone who knows how to use hammer, all the little tricks and stuff.
    Other stuff that may be relevant: the map is small so I've already got some ideas for the new author, they DO NOT have to follow my original idea, as long as I approve of the changes.

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