pl_meleefort. Could it work?

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    Before you ask, I don't know why I thought this would be a good idea. But with the other 4 gametypes translating flawlessly(more or less) with my Meleefort series, I began to wonder. A Melee Payload map. Could it work?

    Obviously a big hurdle would be the dispenser on the cart giving health to BLU, which IMO was implemented with them taking fire from afar in the process of pushing the cart. My idea is to scrap the dispenser entirely, and go with just a cart that moves with people around it.

    Current layout of Meleefort notwithstanding, would this idea be any good?
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    It would be pretty good, but spies will probably have an advantage, No pyros that goes OMFGWTFIMGONNABURNACIRCLEAROUNDMYSELFFORFUN.

    But still it will be awesome, I played some melee badwater on UKCS.
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    I think Heavys would encounter the same problem as pyro's if they are moving the kart. Spies would be all over them like Spy Crabs. Which would might cause problems since the heavy and the pyro tend to be the best when it comes to spy checking. Personally I would try it with and without the dispenser and see what happens.