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whoah so tall

  1. Adam Wolfe (tf2)

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    pl_businesses - whoah so tall

    Here's an abandoned project I had in my early stages of mapping. The objective is to push a payload cart from the train station all the way to the top of the building. This was one of my first attempts to make a map that is visually appealing and big enough to explore. But, however, gameplay was the least of my concerns at that time.

    Have fun testing! :D

    PS: map filename will be "tf2_modern_payload_map"
  2. Nicky

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    It's a payload map yet the thread is tagged as cp (might be a bug). Anyways, upload some screenshots when you can, people what to see what they are downloading before they download it.
  3. Nighttime71

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    I ran around it and some areas don't even look TF2 and I feel like I can be doing a campaign on this map in L4D2. Also:

    Trippy as fuuuuk.
    tripy as fuk.jpg

    You will die if you fall here (but its not OOB)
    not oob death pit.jpg

    Interesting payload cart...
    custom cart.jpg