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    Pit (formely "sdfsdg" - no, seriously) is an arena map I started work on a while ago but sort of stopped working on for whatever reason. The map hasn't been tested for anything other than the game logic working properly and all that other technical stuff.

    I had originally planned for this to have an alpine theme, like Lumberyard, but it should also work for other themes as well. There is literally no detailing in this map whatsoever, other than some beams and one thing underneath the control point zone, both of which use rather plain dev textures.

    Also there's a death pit. Do be careful.


    This is an open project, meaning anyone can download this and do whatever they want with it. I don't really care much for the map anymore so whether or not you want to give me credit is up to you. There's not much else to say other than that - do what you want with the map, go crazy, change its name by all means (I thought it up in about five seconds).

    The download contains a .zip file. Within the .zip is an uncompressed BSP and VMF of the map.
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    I've adopted this one. I intend to convert it to KoTH with a few tweaks though. So far theme-wise it looks like a hybrid of King (Outside areas), Gorge (Interiors), and Nucleus (Control Point). I want to make a few balance tweaks, mainly around the control point. Getting knocked off is far too easy and the route to get back up is way too long.
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    Could I adopt this?