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CP piston a2

dis be industrial m8

  1. zahndah

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    piston - dis be industrial m8

    map by zahndah.

    There are jump pads and conveyor belts so... something.

    A/D cp, Blu gets a forward spawn after cp1

    Capture the two points to win.

  2. Skullio

    Skullio L1: Registered

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    I didnt play on this very long earlier and there werent many players on, but the general consensus seemed to be that most of the areas were too wide open. Some people don't like jump pads, I like jump pads. Also I dont now if you saw it in the feedback but the rocket props in the side room need their clipping sorted out, I was trying to fight a sentry and my stickies were getting caught floating way out in mid air

    Seemed like it could be fun though hopefully it gets a better play in the gameday
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