Physics VERY FULL, and CClientRednerablesList group 6 and 7

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    So im making my first Hammer map and I have two current issues, the first is that this appears in my compile log, it hasn't affected anything yet, but it seems to be something I should fix?

    physics [variable] 7129882/4194304 (170.0%) VERY FULL!

    Secondly while running my map I have "Warning Overflowed CClientRednerablesList group 6 and 7" appearing in the top right of my screen, once again it hasnt affected anything yet, but it seems nasty. I have read that i need to make my "blocks" func_entities by selectnig them and pressing ctrl t and I ahve read up on how this works, but when I do this to a portion of my brushes i still get the same message while im testing my map.

    Help would be most appreciated.

    The Wiggin