Phantom block bug/permalighting glitch

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    So I'm attempting to make a KOTH map (my first official map) and recently my map has had this random phantom block with a trigger texture, of which I have never placed, yet it only appears when running the map in tf2, never in the editor. Any possible cause(s)?


    In addition, the lighting on that same map (spotlights) have not changed brightness even with properties editing. This happened the same compile as the above problem. There are no leaks, as far as I have read in the compile log, and no error messages to prompt this. Please help, I have no idea how to kill the phantom block.

    EDIT: Killed the phantom block, it appeared to be a ghost duplicate of another existing block. Lighting error still persists EVEN WHEN I DELETED THE SPOTLIGHTS. Please halp.

    2nd EDIT: I found the fix, apparently the light from the spotlights was somehow connected to the extremely reflective textures of the new space themed map, which seemed to infinitely bounce back and forth between parallel walls, even without the lights. Trippy. Not completely sure that was the problem, but changing the reflective textures fixed it.
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