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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Flame, Jan 12, 2010.

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    This has been a reoccuring thing that has been repeatedly pissing me off.

    Ok so every other day or so usually myself or Nine will help people get their maps played by throwing maps on the servers and he'll usually put up an event or whatever.

    The problem I'm having is mappers leaving when their map is done, or not showing up until its their map's turn. Last week there were 3 maps lined up and I'm not gonna say names but someone !extend_time'd their map to 45 minutes and left when it was over making not only the other mappers wait, but not giving them the decency to check out their maps.

    Obviously this doesnt apply to everyone since I know a lot of people stick around and post feedback, but if you're gonna expect people to check out your map, you might want to not be a dbag and help them check out theirs. This happened again today where someone asked if anyone else wanted their map tested, insisted on their map going first, than bouncing directly after.

    Gettin kinda old.

    Figured I'd get that off my chest. Edited for youme.
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  2. MangyCarface

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    Kinda a thing mappers do in general :S
  3. YM

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    no serious thread should ever end in "Discuss"


    otherwise I totally agree, stay for the maps before and after your own you selfish people!
  4. Caliostro

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    I've raged about this before in gamedays.

    Seriously people? How selfish can you be... Come the fuck on... Everytime I see someone do that I really wish everyone would just write their name down and boycott their map.

    Random D. Bag pulls one of these? Cheers. Next time his map is up everyone leaves right when his map is up and rejoins after it's done. Call it karmatically even.

    It really is one of those things that seriously pisses me off. I make the effort of staying for all the maps I can and writing reviews on the threads of the maps I can recall... I realize people might not want to or have the chance to play the whole gameday, but leaving as soon as your map is done, or only joining when it's yours (unless the server was full before)... That's just low.
  5. Freyja

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    If my map is in testing, I try to play the entirety of maps before it. Last gameday that was 2 hours worth.
    I try to stay after my map, but sometimes I've freed up time so I can play that map, and life calls afterwards.

    However, I do agree with all the above posts. Other people test your map, why not test theirs.
  6. The Political Gamer

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    I am guilty of leaving after my map ends and I feel really bad about it. The problem is that my folks are not so with keen with me on the computer playing "mindless" videogames but they like that I map because its constructive and they see testing as part of that hole thing. Lucky high school is almost over (graduating early) so I will have more time to devote to testing others maps.
  7. StickZer0

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    I always do my best to stay for as many maps either side of my map, and even if I miss my own maptesting (as I have done before) I'll stay on for the later maps
  8. Fireman

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    I don't really understand how people could do this. Maybe I'm just super nosy, but I love seeing what other people are cooking up, usually when I do hop on I'll stay until the server empties out.
  9. grazr

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    Well the majority of people who play gamedays don't even give feedback and many arn't usually people i recognise on the forums either. It's only 6 or 7 regulars; including a moderator or two who are usually too busy to give their own extensive feedback whilst they run the community.

    Unless it's a late beta impromptu.. but that's a different thing altogether.

    Plus there's the fact that many of the mapper's arn't able to attend their own maps anyway, and even if they are, the server gets PACKED and they still might not get in.

    I'm not trying to defend the act of only testing your own map. Yes that's selfish, but i wouldn't put it past most cases that it's a simple case of extenuating circumstances.

    For the rest of you who are guilty of this you should be ashamed of yourselves. But i can't help but feel there's a lot more resentment towards this than there are legitimate cases.

    People come and go all the time in the server, and this wouldn't even be an issue if a larger majority of people did give feedback.
  10. Caliostro

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    Yeah, this is my view of the situation.

    I'm sure some people sometimes have legitimate excuses to only attend their maps. Shit happens, to anyone, but I doubt that's the reason most of the times.

    It's like when someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe they DO have a legitimate reason, maybe they have someone bleeding out in the backseat and they're rushing to the ER. Maybe they need to get somewhere REALLY important, like delivering top-secret codes to stop a nuclear meltdown... Maybe... but odds are they're just assholes that cut you off because they wanted to.