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    The title is a Guild Wars reference :thumbup1:, for those who wanted to know.

    I'm not really known in forums except for "that one guy that pops in every once in a while and says something." I'm a regular in the chat. I go by the name of "UbER SaINT," which is my current alias (I don't change it that much).

    Info about me:

    I've been playing games for fucking ever now (Even though you guys would say otherwise), since 2000-ish with Halo for the PC. Man, I loved that game. Nothing like modding the warthog turrents to shoot plasma nades and make them fly.

    Then I got into the wonderful yet painful world of MMO's... started with a few Korean ones, nothing P2P (Hate that money hording bullshit...).

    I then moved onto other games. The HL2 bundle was suggested by a friend, grabbed it at Best Buy and I was hooked. CS:S was a life taker, I've got plenty of hours logged on my xfire account ((omegatheory) Which was my first alias...). I played it and mapped for it since I got the game back in 2004.

    Good times. Then I picked up some more MMO's again, trying loads of them. Mentionables: Gates of Heaven, Ragnarok Online, Rose Online, Guild Wars, and many, many more. I switched between Guild Wars and CS:S for the past couple of years.

    I then took a mapping and Valve game break. Kept on playing Guild Wars... all of them (BTW, GW2 looks fucking amazing.) And after that... I quit games... well, more of a break, but still.

    I started producing music, and got back into my more artistic side with art and musical endeavors.

    Then I bought the Orange Box and got hooked again. Now, I'm currently mapping again, after getting back over the small hump resulted from my time away.

    So basically I'd just like to say Hello to everyone.

    For those that are curious:

    Past Aliases:

    Omega Theory - 'Theory' for short, from the Halo days
    NoZGeNoCiDe - 'NoZ' for short, from Halo days
    UbER SaINT (Brujula de Destino) - 'Saint' or 'Uber' both work

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    Welcome! Pretty cool thing is that our clan is made up of music-heads/CS:S players/Guild Wars players/and now TF2 players. Sounds like you'd fit right in!

    Got any links to previous mapping efforts in CS:S?
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    Oh, its this guy...

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    ah uber saint, changed nick ?
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    I know that guy!
    I think I need to consolidate all my alias's
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    Hmmm I'm sure I posted in here saying:
    oh I can't keep up with people having multiple aliases...

    but then it doesn't seem to have come though, :s

    oh well, hello again ;)
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    @Snipergen, nope, Trypto is just the forum name.

    @Youme, it's just like Paul's forum name.

    As for the work, I really never released anything, made plenty of maps though, the majority for my old clan's skill server (aim maps), but I made more than the old blocked out 10 minute maps.

    I might be releasing a blog or something in the next few days once I finish my work on stage one of my current project.