CP pc_pointcapture v1

A different take on the 5CP gamemode, compatible with all 5CP maps.

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    pc_pointcapture - A different take on the 5CP gamemode, compatible with all 5CP maps.


    Hey everyone, I am proud to finally release my first project. It has taken several years and multiple iterations but I am quite happy with the place it is in right now.

    It is a spin on the regular 5CP game mode with a few key differences:

    • The 10 minute round timer is halved and doesn’t reset when control points are captured

    • When the round timer hits zero, the team with the most control points wins the round and receives score relative to their map control:

    Owning Mid when the round timer hits 0:00: 1 point
    Owning 2nd when the round timer hits 0:00: 2 points
    Capturing Last: 5 points​

    I am especially interested in the possibility of playing Pointcapture maps in 2 X-minute halves, with team switches in-between. That would make it possible to play on asymmetric 5CP maps where one side plays differently to the other, similar to CS:GO’s defuse game mode.

    I'll be thankful for any and all feedback for this game mode as I believe it does have some potential.
    I am even considering potentially hosting a mapping contest for asymmetric 5CP maps while allowing merges of existing ones (“pc_badwash”, “pc_gullywater”, “pc_snakeshine”,...) to be submitted.

    Since this is my first project of this kind, please also give me feedback on the gamemodes logic as I am always looking for ways to improve it.

    Using decompiled versions (thanks to Xi.Cynx) I implemented my custom logic into Badlands, Process, Snakewater, and Gullywash.

    Playable (.bsp):

    Editable (.vtf):


    5CP -> PC Conversion Guide:

    Credit to:
    • the creators of the original maps I stole (tovilovan, Arnold, Valve, ScorpioUprising,...) and their collaborators
    • Sideshow for this video that got me working years ago

    • UEAKCrash for his valuable mapping tutorials

    • ABoojumSnark for his game mode library

    • Tf2maps.net for being an open, friendly and helpful community and resource
    • Nuze and Lucrative for occasional chats

    • My friends Mark and Nagle for their support over the years

    Known Issues:
    Due to having gone through the flawed process of decompilation, some areas of the maps have lighting bugs that I haven’t bothered learning how to fix