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    Hi everyone. recently I've been thinking about making a payload map. instead of the standard capture point system, where time is added, spawns are moved and the payload cant move back, I was thinking about having a system where you have to capture a fast-capping point (similar to degroot) to open a gate for a time, then push the cart through the gate, with the capture point right after. this could make for some interesting map design, but would be hard to balance. what do you guys think?
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    That something is hard to balance shouldnt prevent you from not trying. Playtesting can reveal alot. but before you try read on:

    The event you talk about sounds alot like the payload hills, and it probably will have to use a similar system where the hill is only unlocked on capping.

    The only problem you will have is the visual progress. Currently you cannot mix a payload and CP hud. And without the hud its going to be a problem to tell players about the existing control point. And by that they will start to expect the barnblitz system which is to simply wait and it will open itself.

    Because of that issue you should be willing to take the risk that your map isnt going to be popular and might never get a fully working hud. Its something that has been asked multiple times before but still isnt in the game.

    However, as work arround you could display some text on the screen to tell them to hold a capture point to open the gate. But on longer times that might become anoying (and if you use the nicer tf text entity the minhud players wont see it).