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    I got the idea of creating a payload map with the possibility to alter the path the bomb goes. BLU would be able to capture an (optional) control point that would shorten the track for the bomb.

    I think from a balance perspective this has a few interesting points:
    • BLU has to decide wether it's worth to cap to get the bomb faster to the destination.
    • RED can either prepare to defend the short track and leave the CP or defend the CP and have an easier go on the (obviously longer) default track.

    The idea of having a CP in a payload map is not entirely new but I haven't seen anyone mention this method yet. I'd like to hear from you guys if this is even possible and wether this has potential (I think it does!).
    I unfortunately have no experience in mapping and/or modelling, so I can't really tell, all I got is some years of playing TF2. :)
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    It's entirely possible, you can create a normal route with the path_tracks you have, and at a split point just point the Branch Path keyvalue to the alternate path_track route you want it to take. Then on capturing the control point, simply output EnableAlternatePath to it and it should work fine and dandy.

    Though, I think it's been tried in the past before, and TF2 gives a strange HUD problem when using alternate paths, so it might be wise to try and make your alternate path the same length as your normal path (or at least, make it use the same number of path_track nodes). Another thing too is to make players aware of what capturing the control point does compared to not doing so, as they may just capture it anyway and never see the original path get used.
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    The hud really does count the distance between the path nodes, not just the number of them. It also doesn't calculate it more than once, at map start.
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    As said above, to avoid hud issues you'd have to make the alternative path the same length
    However, you can still give it an advantage by making a part of it a downwards roll-forward part that doesn't require pushing the cart

    That way technically speaking the path is the same length, even though it's a shorter path where the attackers need to push
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    The way that i can think of making it balanced is that the shorter path gives red a better defensive advantage (height advantage, sentry spots, health and ammo packs, etc.).