payload Tug-o-war inspired by Dota2

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    So i had this idea since i watched the whole Dota2 Tournament.
    Basicly it has the normal Dota 5v5 Map layout and every "lane" has 2 sentries that can stand alot more dmg than normal. They can't be repaired or sapped. You have to destroy the sentries in order to push the cart further in each lane. Each side of the map has 3 "capture points" where you have to push the cart to. Once one team has all 3 carts pushed to the end, it wins.

    I havn't been playing alot TF2, but i have been mapping for the Source engine for years.

    What do you guys think of this idea? Does it have "fun"-potential?

    Here`s a screenshot of the map layout. Between the lanes would be swamp, forest, buildings, whatever.

    Also - If any mapper, modeller, texture artist or whatever want's to join in on this let me know. I'd be happy to make this happen if people respond postivly to this thread.