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    I am trying to make a working payload template for my upcomming map. The template is almost working correctly, but I have run into some problems.

    The setup is 3 rounds, 2 points in the first 2 rounds and 3 in the last round (as in Goldrush), called A B and C for the sake of simplicity.

    When the round starts round A finnishes prefectly. But the cart remains there when round B starts. I can push it to the start of round B and continue the map. But in Goldrush the cart automaticly appears at the start of the B route.

    I have a logic relay triggered at the end of route A

    with these outputs
    - ontrigger / bombcart_capture_area / CaptureCurrentCP
    - ontrigger / Game_timer / AddTeamTime / 3 330
    - ontrigger / Team_Train_Watcher_A / Disable
    - ontrigger / Team_Train_Watcher_B / Enable
    - ontrigger / Bombcart_Tracktrain / SetSpeedDir / 1

    And the last path_track of A gets disabled when the cart passes the first path_track of B.

    What am I missing here to have my cart ready at the start of round B?
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    i have no idea but look at the wiki coz others will tell u 2 :)

    ps soz bout spelling im on the ps3 :p
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    had the same issue as well. Make sure you enable your capture area again when round B starts
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    You have to move the cart using an input.

    Best way to do this would be to set the path_track at the start of round B to 'Teleport here' (it's a flag)
    At that same path_track, make an 'onpass' output to tell the cart to stop.

    Then, from the 'team_control_point_round' for round B, using the 'OnStart' output to tell the cart to move, give it a speed of 100.

    Then when round B stars, the cart will teleport to where you want it to go, then stop. Hopefully.

    There are otherways to do it as well, I suggest look at the path_tracks in the goldrush vmf
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