Payload: Sacrificial

PL Payload: Sacrificial 2016-04-24

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Apr 24, 2016
Payload: Sacrificial - Mag-massive Fun

Disaster! Blu Team unknowingly stole a cursed artifact from the lost civillization of Mayanns!
To free themselves from the curse, they tried throwing it into a volcano! But they did not realize that the artifact was fireproof, and laid unharmed at the bottom of the volcano!
The Red Team noticed Blu's predicament and in order to prolong their enemies' curse, they planned to defend the volcano.
Now it is up to Blu Team to send in a large bomb to blow up the artifact!
Welcome to Sacrifical, featuring fun, vertical gameplay! The main pit is filled with lava, don't fall in! Flank routes are detailed, and map hazards are plenty!
Narrow bridges over boiling magma! Pillars of fiery doom await the careless fool! There's a truck in the lava! It's exuberating chaos in a fiery package!
Bots on this map are pretty dumb, as always. To put bots in this map is simple!
Turn on cheats, (sv_cheats 1), and then type "nav_generate"! It will load for a minute or so, and then you will get a .nav file! Then just type "tf_bot_add 22" and you will recieve free robot friends!
This map was for the Mayann Project