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    Is there a way to make the speed of the cart exceed the regular pushing speed limit without it being able to be pushed at that speed?

    For example, if I wanted the cart to only be pushed at a speed of 100, but wanted to have an area where the cart moved, say, 1024 speed. There is not an input to the func_tracktrain that changes the max speed, I checked. Does anyone know if I can do this?
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    What about using the SetSpeed? Find a percent of your max speed that equates to the regular cart speed and then put that as the SetSpeed value.

    edit: Don't know if that's the way it's done, but I've seen a map pl_beerbowl that has a cart that increases speed if you have 5 players on it

    Oh, but you want it to move without player trigger? You could just fire the same info that the regular trigger does whenever it reaches the point you want it to move at whatever speed you decide. You might want to look into cart elevators, too? (I'd think cart elevators are a similar design for what you are looking for?)
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    Set your max speed to whatever the highest value you want it to go is and just make the first path track set it to the slower regular speed. Then have it crank it up to your max speed for whatever you had planned and then bring or back down after (if there is an after.)

    Edit: I may have misunderstood the question. An alternative method might be to SetOutput AddOutput the max speed.

    Edit: I am a dumb
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    ontrigger func_tracktrain addoutput startspeed 1024
    You will need to disable and enable the push trigger after doing this since it retains the same max speed until everyone leaves the volume.

    Also, if you ever need to make the cart stall, use this to set the speed to zero. It'll allow blue to still keep overtime going should the time limit run out.
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