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Payload problems, as usual

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by J4CK8, Sep 19, 2009.

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    So I thought I managed to create a perfectly functional payload map...but I didn't. Got a few problems I need help with, and some mapping problems as well :p

    1. Cart doesn't move back properly
    2. HUD doesn't show how many players are pushing the cart
    3. Setup time isn't counting as setup time
    4. Carts physics are bumping around

    So first of all, after the recade timer finishes, the cart doesn't move backwards. The sound plays, and I can tell the cart is trying to move, but it doesn't manage to. I have a feeling this is becuase of the collisions with the carts surroundings.

    Secondly, the HUD displays everything fine, but when the cart is being pushed it doesn't show any number on the cart. I have a team_train_watcher from the gametype library set up properly.

    The setup time is 60seconds on the team_round_timer. But at the start of the game, the 60 seconds starts, but doesn't display as setup and the medics healing rate is defualt, rather than faster like it normaly is during setup.

    Finally, the possible cause of the first problem, everytime the cart hits something, it goes mental and spins around in the air until the track_train has passed the object where it rests back where it should be. On some occasions it will collide with the ground or engineers buildings and do the same. The cart is a prop_physics_override, again taken from either the gametype library, or the Los Alamos project, and named correctly with other entities.

    Thanks for any help in advance.
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