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    Hello. I am building a payload map, and I decided to use A Boojum Snarks splendid gametype library (last time I built a payload I spent five hours trying to figure out how to set up the entities, but it still didnt work). The only change I've done is that I've exchanged the model of the prop_physics_override for the boat from the Swamp Pack, and placed two prop_dynamics inside the boat with the boat as parent. Thus I've also made the func_traintrack a bit bigger to make it surround the entire boat.

    So, the problem. I push the cart (boat) as BLU, and it works fine until two path_tracks after the first cap. When the boat reaches this point, hl2.exe crashes without any visible reason.

    I'll include the .vmf, if that might help.

    (I made a change that might work, basically deleting the erring path_track. If that works, never mind :p)

    EDIT: that solved the problem, thanks anyways xD
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