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    First topic, so I use this as an Introduction. I'm from Switzerland,
    so I hope at least you can see what I'm trying to say with my (sometimes terrible) English %)
    I have almost no experience in mapping. I've started several tf2 maps (and some hl2 test maps years ago), but none of them actually made it into the 'gameplay phase' because i lost interest pretty soon.
    My latest map is (or was) a payload map, however I had an idea and i hope you can help me, because i'm quite uncertain how this would turn out or if it even would work.


    The blue team has to push the cart and the red teams objective would be to stop the cart from reaching its goal, basically whats payload all about ;P. However, the 'action' takes place in a 'Blu' environment. When the game begins, Blu has access to the map just like Red has on Goldrush.
    In the beginning, blu has about 1 minute time to build up defense to secure the track. Red spawns in a building complex which is connected with corridors and bridges all over the map, so they can defend the cart from above or just jump down. After the setup time, Reds doors open and they stream out several exits, the Blu Cart Spawns , and the match begins.

    What I fear is that players will be confused by Blu having access to the whole map in the beginning, assuming Blu defends. Reds several spawn exits could make it hard for players to navigate through the map.
    Blu could secure the track too well, leaving no chance to red at all, or the other way around, since Red can attack from everywhere it would be way too hard for Blu to capture the 2 cps. Blu could also ignore the cart, since the structure of the map allows them to get to the 2nd cp before the game has begun.

    What I hope to achieve is less turtling, and a fast and unpredictable match, since Red has several exits of their Spawn, and Blu Players could already have set up a defense at a certain point (for example the 2nd cp) so they would be stranded between their Spawn and Red Players at some point.

    What do you think about the idea? Do you think it wouldn't work, it would be boring?
    I look forward to comments and suggestions of any kind %)
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    Hrm. It was hard to get the gist at first, but I actually like the idea a lot. Forward spawns of some type for Red would have to be established or blue would steamroll every time. Also, if the cart returns to the start point, blue should lose also. it's possible to do, but would be hard to convey the idea to players. Idk, it's cool, but it'll be a hard first "real" map to do correctly
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    late response, aye!

    I dont see why blu should lose when if the cart reaches its starting position, because they cant move it during setup and if someone touches it and then they get steamrolled they could lose. and that wouldnt be fun. If the team sucks they wont get to the first cp anyway.

    but.. well, after having some problems with the beginning, i continued my other payloadmap. I will keep that idea in my mind but ill finish the other map first (or die tryin' %) ) and then have another go at it, if i'm still motivated enough to make a payload map or even do map.
    aye, ugly dev-picture, first stage. (thanks youme for the textures)
    its a normal pl map, not the idea that i mentioned in the first post, oi.