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Payload: Double capturing

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Butter, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Butter

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    This is odd if you ask me. The thing works (safe for the dispenser area, which doesn't move with the cart and I dont know why!). but when I capture CP_1 it immediately captures CP_2 aswell. It's odd, since the parameter should change the to-be-next-captured CP to CP2, not cap it as CP1 is captured.

    Anyway, I uploaded the VMF/BSP etc. If someone would be able to take a look I'd be much obliged! :thumbup:
  2. Armadillo of Doom

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    I'm downloading it now. The first thing that comes to mind is your trigger_capture_area or team_control_point have the same name. Double check all of your I/O's (input/output).
  3. Spacemonkeynz

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    I had that same problem too.

    Make the the output which sets your next control point is delayed, 0.1 should be enough.

    The best way is once the CP is capped, have an output from that CP to fire on 'CappedByTeam2" to set the next CP for the capture area, and give it a delay of 0.10
    Thats how goldrush does it.
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