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    I know the basics of Hammer from having made many Quake maps in the past. However, I am working on my first TF2 map and trying to learn how to use control points and the payload cart correctly. I followed the tutorial on the SDK docs on creating a payload map, and everything works except the following: When the cart is pushed to the first point, blue captures both the first and second control points and then the round ends.

    The map just has two control points (at least for now). There aren't any other stages or whatever like most official maps have. There are no compiler errors. There are no problems when I use the Alt+P command. I have double and triple checked all the entities in the entire map. It appears that the only input for the second control point is the path_track located above it, so I have no idea why it is being captured when the cart is only at the first point. Also, I have a unique index for each of the two control points, the first is 0, the second is 1.

    I'm pretty sure that the logic_relays that I'm using are set up correctly. I'm mostly just wondering where to look for the error.

    I am also wondering if there is some kind of library of pre-built entity groups, such as a fully assembled bomb cart or control point with track. The forum stickies that I checked had dead links.

    Edit: I found A Boojum Snark's Gametype Library and I will try using these. After looking it over, perhaps my error was that I didn't have any delay timings between capturing and setting the next control point? Oh well.
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    Here is the best resouce for you:

    Boojumsnark's done the best resource possible - tells you all you need to know.

    Tip - find the game stlye you want - copy that style into a simple box map do all of you testing/configuration in there and then you can import the coding into your existing/underconstruction map.

    Try to change the code to make it your custom one to learn more about that item, not just copying it.