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    Not sure what to do about this one since I'm using a custom set of coding.

    Currently I have the map set to no announcements but they are still occuring.

    What I need to do is to stop all the announcements and have them only trigger via an "on pass"

    One of the things that just popped into my head as I'm typing this (can't test it since I'm at work) is that I currently have the team train watcher set to yes to handle movement - maybe this is why I'm getting the announcements. Is this the cause of why they're still firing?

    If yes, I have to see if making it no screws up my game logic. If it doesn't I should be able to do the on pass thing.

    Now with regard to the on pass - since I'm doing a modified payload set up and at one point two push zones occupy the same space with one payload prop - any ideas on how i can just get one of them to cause the trigger? Currently I'm getting a stereo effect happening and they both don't have the same type of message.

    thanks for the help in advance.
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    The announcements are automatic no matter if the watcher handles the movement or not.
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    There's a file you can create for your map soundscripts or something (don't have tf2 installed, so can't check) then just copy/paste the payload announcement lines from the official one and delete the line with the actual wav file on and then for your map it'll fire, but it'll be silent.

    I did it for sabotage.

    Ask Aly, she knows.
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    You'll also need to pack that with the map when you release it too, so make sure you're equipped for that.