Payload Bluff

Payload Bluff A1

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Jul 30, 2017
Payload Bluff - Cliff based Payload map thats probably oversized

In the extreme heat of my small room and added time rush given I'm moving, I found little time to make a map for the Summer Jam - especially because I'm a special snowflake which means I can't just do a koth map like everyone else that does a map, right?

Introducing Payload Bluff - a somewhat rushed and probably oversized map that comes with its own stinky cliff gimmick and scary planks you gotta walk on.

People that've known my other projects where I basically stuck to the map and often gave updates on a daily/weekly basis should temper their expectations given I have little time left, so this will be more of a slower walk in the park.

ABS's Mappers Resource (

thats it

Either way, have fun.