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    First of all, hi there all.

    Spent a while reading through the tutorial section (which has been absolutely invaluable, many thanks to all contributors!)

    I had an idea for a new gamemode which I'd like to run by you guys (This may well have been explored before, in which case I apologise for wasting your time)

    The Payload Battle:

    Exactly as it sounds, a big battle over a payload. But not the standard A/D payload map (goldrush, badwater etc) and not the standard payload race map.

    There is only one bombcart in this gamemode. It is placed in the middle of a set of tracks which go directly from one team's base to the other. Both teams are allowed to push this cart, and the objective is to push it to the end of the tracks at your enemy's base.

    Obviously, once a team has pushed it to the end of the tracks, it'd be boring to simply play right over again. This could be solved by merging a bit of tc_ maps into it:

    Say Blu win round one, the red base of round one becomes the blu base of round 2. Blu need to push the cart to the red base here to win. It begins as a normal payload map, with blu pushing the cart and red defending. Once the cart has reached a certain point, the red team is then given the opportunity to push the cart backwards, taking play back to round one if they succeed thereby allowing them to then take the offensive trying to get the cart to the blu base.

    Hope that makes some kinda sense, but now the question is: What do you guys think?
    I think it could be an interesting break from the standard payload maps without resulting in most of the team only focussing on one objective (which often happens in pipeline style plr maps)
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    Been done, didn't work too well.