Pausing the KotH Timer

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    I know Frozen (good luck with Hellpit) needed this, and it's pretty simple. I'm not exactly sure why you'd need something like this, but it's an option for those strange moods. The concept of the enitity zz_*_koth_timer is like the notion of Schrödinger's cat. Is the cat dead or alive? (Who really cares right now...) Anyway, the zz_*_koth_timer isn't created until you compile (the KotH entities create it).

    First, in the Output tab, you want to target the zz_*_koth_timer entities. The * is the team (red or blue, yes spell blue out). These entities have the same properties and functions of a team_round_timer. In the Target Input, have the function pause. Just have a something to trigger it and the timer will pause.

    As you can see I have a simple setup. Whenever the point is captured, the timer will be paused after fifteen seconds. I just used capture point for a quick test of the pause function. (Team 1 is red, Team 2 is blue.) You can use a similar setup with resume instead of pause. I'm not sure why you would want this on the point, or even in any map, but you can use it for any ideas you might have (maybe just a straight trigger?).


    A sample VMF is attached. Thank ABS for his entity prefabs!

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    Pausing the timer would be good for those 2KOTH maps, for when the points are owned by different teams. I've been recommending that approach for years now, not realizing that it required a complicated hack like this to make it work. Whoops!
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    I don't think that they created at compile time, they are created at runtime.