PASS Time Jack in other gamemodes possible?

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    I'm working on a PD map, with the PASS Time jack as the capture zone. Player will have to do a map-wide game of "Keep Away" in order to score points for their team.

    My only problem so far is with the Jack itself. It cannot be picked up like in the normal PASS Time mode. I fear this is caused by the missing PASS Time logic, and if that is the case I will not be able to create this map.

    So, is it possible to have a working PASS Time Jack in other gamemodes?
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    Valve/Bad Robot did not consider adding support for passtime to work with other gamemodes, I've tried to hacking together arena/passtime before and the server and my game crashed when the jack was picked up.

    And the Jack needs the passtime logic to function.

    You could try sending an e-mail to Valve for them to add multi gamemode support but excuse my pessimism, that's probably not going happen within our lifetimes.
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    Any idea on how to make a custom gamemode? If so, you could possibly make your own gamemode/passtime jack with the same model and texture but edit the logic for it or something so it works with your custom logic
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    Step one: learn c++
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