Particles not updating correctly

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Jan 3, 2016
I am working on some particles, and i have one particles system that is empty by itself, but houses two particles systems as its children. And while i am working inside particle editor, it works fine on a map that it is used in, but if i either reload a map or close tf2 and rejoin without tools mode (Basically, after reloading my map no matter with -tools or not) only one child works, another one does not, and only fix is to change something in it in particle editor and refresh info_particle_system with ent_fire commands.

Also, i tried removing my .pcf file out of tf2 directory entirely, but for some reason particles still work. My theory is that tf2 cached a version of particles with just one child, so it plays it even if original .pcf is not available, but as soon as i change something inside particle editor, it updates it, but only for current session.

So, my question is: is there a way to clear particle cache, or any another way to fix this problem?
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