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    Hi All,

    I'm running into a packing issue around a single particle and want to see if anyone has knowledge to help. I've searched all over the next this weekend trying to find a solution, but nothing has helped.

    For background I'm working on posting a new version of pl_geyser, and working to add the geyser particles for this release. I'm using Vide to pack the particles but, they don't seem to be sticking with testing despite confirming the files have been packed. I used this tutorial for Vide. I run the automation process for packing the files as well as the manual for packing the particle file and manifest file.

    For background here are the components:
    • Map file name: pl_geyser_a5.bsp (located in: common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps)
    • Manifest file name: pl_geyser_a5_particles (located in: common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps)
    • Particle file name: gyser_test.pcf (located in: common\Team Fortress 2\tf\particles)

    Manifest file information in text file:
    "file" "!particles/gyser_test.pcf"

    There are no materials for the particle system to my knowledge.

    I have tested a couple of different ways, one removing both he Manifest and particle locally and running "pl_geyser_a5.bsp" and moving " pl_geyser_a5.bsp" and an entirely different computer to test. Both result in the console saying: "Attempting to create unknown particle system 'waterjet_test'' (Crash assured me this is a normal message) as well as no particles showing in game, which is the main problem.

    Thanks for any direction you can provide. Let me know if I can surface any additional information.
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    Try with CompilePal. There's honestly no reason to use VIDE or any other packer at this point.
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    For future people stumbling onto this. CompilePal did the trick. Thanks.