Particle effect for models/props_spytech/rocket003.mdl

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  1. Werewolf

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    I am looking for an appropriate sized particle effect to use with models/props_spytech/rocket003.mdl.

    I have tried using rockettrail_doomsday which does not show up in game, and various flamethrower particle effects which are all hilariously tiny compared to the full sized rocket prop.

    This particle effect would ideally be usable with other large rocket model parts such as models\props_spytech\rocket002.mdl and models\props_spytech\rocket002_bottom.mdl. As a suggestion, it should take into account the 2 sets of 3 boosters each uses (3 large thrusters with 3 vectoring thrusters) so that the particle can be aligned with the center of props and have the flames match up with the model.

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