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    cart thing.PNG for the past hour or 2 i am trying to make a cart for a halloween map i am working on which i want to test first all the logic i want to import to the map afterwards and stuff. i have a coffin and 3 pumkings i want to add to the cart. without those 4 props the cart moves no problem there , but when i add at least one prop which i changed it into prop_dynamic and parent it to the cart's func_tracktrain. When i Compile and get into the map the cart and the prop dynamic i added are in 2 different places. the prop_physics_override doesnt work but the prop_dynamic does but it is not able to be moved/pushed by the blue team.

    i am not sure what i am doing wrong and i would be really happy to get an answear as soon is possible. thanks for the help!
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    the cart from the abs pack uses prop_physics with a phys constraint, the movement of the cart could be affecting the dynamic props. Try naming the prop_physics with the prop you want with the same name as the cart prop, so it uses the same phys constraint
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