Pak to FileList program - BSPZIP filelist generator from old packed maps

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Feb 14, 2010
Pak to FileList
Last updated: 9/28/2015 - v0.1


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What is it?

Pak to FileList is a program that generates a filelist compatible with BSPZIP for a selected folder of custom content very quickly.

Why would I need it?

This would be useful to you if it takes a while to pack things, or if you've forgotten which things need to be packed if you're updating an older map.

How do I use it?
First download the program.

Second, you will need a folder of custom content. An easy way to get a folder of custom content from your already-packed map is to open it in VIDE -

Open VIDE, Select the last icon on the right 'Pakfile Lump Editor', Open your packed map, and click Extract (2nd last button), save the .zip file of packed content anywhere you want.




After you've saved the extracted .zip, you will need to extract the files from the .zip to its own folder:


Inside of the extracted files folder you may need to clean up the non-necessary stuff: vertex lighting data (.vhv in the main folder), and anything in the /materials/maps/ folder (all the lightmap data and cubemap files).
You can delete these files inside of PaktoFileList but it's slower.



Now open PaktoFileList.exe

Click Open Folder and browse for the folder which you extracted from the .zip file (alternatively, the folder which contains all custom content):


You can save this just as a list of files, but for now let's click 'Save as List for BSPZIP'.


The best naming convetion for this BSPZIP filelist is 'full filename of your map'-filelist.txt:


And that's it! The filelist will be made with the local location and actual-computer location for every item in all subdirectories of our selected folder.

How can I use this BSPZIP?
To set BSPZIP up you will need to create two new run commands inside of a Hammer Advanced compile option. You can make a separate configuration for this or copy an existing configuration and add these to the end (like what TopHattWaffle does).

First click New in the middle, click Cmds at the side, and then click Executables:



Now find Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/bin/bspzip.exe:


In the Parameters field you will need to add the following code:

-addorupdatelist $path\$file.bsp $path\$file-filelist.txt $path\$file.bsp


Now click New, Cmds, Copy File, and add this to the Parameters:

$path\$file.bsp $bspdir\$file.bsp


Now all that's left to do is check the two checkmarks at the side of the run commands to enable these two.

If you run this Autopack Level compile configuration it will automatically package your <filename>-filelist.txt files into the .bsp (assuming one exists for the map).
Note that the filelist must be located in the same directory as the .vmf.

VC++ Runtime libraries (you probably already have this):
7zip (or something similar that can extract .zip files):

v0.1 - 9/28/2015 - First release, basic functionality.

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